The Easiest Flat Lay Photography Tips

The most budgetfriendly tips for taking clean and beautiful flat lay photography

A while ago, I made a video and blog post showing you how to make a seamless Instagram feed. In the video, I have many flat lay top-view photos. And many people were asking photography tips to achieve that look

In this video, I am showing you how to take flat lay photos with your iPhone or other smartphones. Using the native camera app, and with a little help with photoshop for post-production tricks.

All you need is some sturdy white surfaces. You can use white foamboards or white paper clipped on cardboard. After taking the photos, we will use photoshop to do a simple color adjustment. This final touch will transform your image to look like it was shot with a professional camera. With these few tips, your Instagram post is getting a makeover in no time.

If you don’t have Photoshop, you can download the free trial version to give it a go.
If you want to invest in Photoshop, which I think it’s very much worth it, you can check out their Photoshop + Lightroom plan. (Affiliate link)

I use the exact method shown in this video to produce most of my Instagram account photos, which happens to be seamlessly connecting together. You can check out the tutorial here.

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