12 Purrfect Gifts for Cat Mom

Here are my top 12 purrfect gifts for those hard-to-please cat lover in your life. The following gifts are unique and will surely gain instant approval from your strange cat friends, especially that cat mom.

As a cat lover myself, I often get gifts from friends that are cat-related. Although always well intended, the gift itself might be kind of meh. For instance, when I received a t-shirt with a cat print all over it, I don’t think I ever wore it once. We cat people can be very particular about stuff with cat print all over it.

Chances are if you are reading this post you probably are not sure if you should buy that hideous looking cat-print stuff for your crazy cat friend. On the one hand, you think it looks ugly. On the other hand, you think maybe your weirdo cat friend will like it because there are cats on it, and anything with cats is good, right? That is why I am here to help.

Cat people can be intimidating because much like our feline friends, we are not that easily pleased. But the good news is that the purrfect gift often doesn’t cost all that much as long as you got the right taste!

Not all cat people like to wear stuff with cat prints. So, Just because a hoodie has a cat ear on it doesn’t mean it will please this difficult human. Here are my guide to buying gifts for cat people, in the order of price from low to high.

Cat enamel pin set – $8.99

Minimalist and sophisticated. Subtle declaration of love for felines.

pins for cat people

Sushi catnip – $9

This catnip pouch cracks me up and it’s a sure way to please both the human and the feline. Because this toy looks so real I was almost fooled by it. This is obviously not for your friend but for their beloved feline. Therefore it is a great combination of practicality, uniqueness, and unexpected cuteness.

Catnip in sushi package

Temporary cat tattoo – $16

Tattoos have never been so hip and trendy. This temporary tattoo lasts about two weeks and it looks very realistic

tattoo for cat people

Cat petting guide shirt -$16.55

Cats are a finicky animal most of the time. If you don’t know where to pet them you can find yourself trapped in teeth and claws. And your cat friend will totally get this diagram!

t-shirt for cat people

The more guys I meet the more I love my cat – $17.99

This t-shirt expresses our love for cats without having cat prints all over the cloth. And I bet it’s a true statement for many of us.

t-shirt for cat people

Life Is A Mess dad hat – $18

This is a great example of simplistic cat apparel design. It’s stylish, hip, functional, and cute. Who doesn’t want another hat without a sports team name on it!

hat for cat people

Ukulele strap – $19

Does your cat friend also play ukulele? This cat faces ukulele strap will definitely have your friend singing a joyful tune!

Ukulele strap for cat people

Christ Cat Coffee Mug – $19.85

Why not put all your favorite thing on one mug design– that was why I made this mug. If you know someone who loves Jesus, cat and drinking coffee, this is the purrfect mug for her.

mug for cat people

Exploding Kittens Card Game

We cat people also make fun of our cat sometimes. And this game is just a fun card game that’s very easy to pick up for a great family time! (Affiliate Link)

game for cat people

Cat and Mr. Darcy art – $25

If your cat friend likes Jane Austen she will definitely get this poster.

art for cat people

Cat pattern pocket tee – $34

Not only this cat pattern is unique, but the proceeds also support Reef Check on their mission to protect the oceans. Another example of cat print pattern used tastefully and it looks awesome on both cat mom and cat dad.

pocket tee for cat people

Cat bridge – $195

This is the ultimate dream furniture for the cat owner and their felines. It’s a little crazy to put up a cat bridge in the house but if you are looking to redeem yourself from a horrible crime you’ve committed against a cat person, this is it!

furniture for cat people

I hope this list is helping you in finding that purrfect gift for the cat mom, cat dad, cat lady, cat friend in your life. Please be sure to share other unique cat related item you have fund on your request to please those maintenance cat people.

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