How to Maximize Personal Fundraising Campaign for Impact

It takes a lot of work to run a fundraising campaign. In this post, I want to give you some tips on how to maximize the impact of your campaign.

A while ago I went on a mission trip and used Bonfire.com to run a personal fundraising campaign. The campaign was successful. I went to India for two months working with a local ministry. We help the women and children victimized by sex trafficking in the red light district. It was the best two-months I spent in a foreign country. I shared with others how to use Bonfire.com to fundraise without any budget in this post.

In this post, I want to tell you more about why I think the fundraising campaign was successful. Maybe you are sensing a greater calling in life but do not know how to get to that place. We often have no problem sharing our dreams with others. But as soon as we have the need to ask others a favorite, we coward. I know that’s what I felt. But the truth is that passion is contagious.


Before you ask others to contribute to your campaign, tell them the whole story. We all want to be inspired. Telling others what inspires you is one way of getting others excited about your journey. So before I even launched my campaign I’d been talking to friends and family about my mission trip plan.
Be sincere, it’s as simple as that. There is a tendency in our society to exaggerate everything, and I want to advise against that. You don’t have to beef up your story to make it sound nobler or holier than it is. People can sniff the hypocrisy in a millisecond.


When you launch your campaign, share everywhere you can. This is the time to be shameless. If you are excited about your mission trip then you should have no trouble sharing it.
Share your campaign at the beginning, middle, and toward the end of the campaign. And answer any questions people have regarding both the product and the mission.


After the campaign was over, I sent out thank-you cards to all my supporters. You can design the postcard myself, or use any thank-you card. I handwritten every card and mail it out the old fashion snail mail way. I also provided links to follow my journey on Facebook. Check out this video to learn how to print your own design.

While I was on the mission field, I gave updates every couple of weeks regarding my work. It doesn’t have to belong, just some pictures and a summary of what had happened during that time.

When I came back from the mission trip, I sent out a longer summary and reflection of my trip. Thanking my supporters however much they contributed meant a lot more beyond the monetary amount.

I think it is very important to provide as much information as I can even after the campaign. Because when I ask for a donation I am really asking them to take on a journey with me. To me a fundraising campaign is more than asking for a donation, it’s inviting others to understand the cause behind your action. It is also very important to give people the option of whether to follow your journey or not.

I hope this post has been helpful to you then please do share your fundraising experience and let me know if any question. You can leave a comment below or contacting me via the ‘About’ page.

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