What does it mean to “rest”?

Breath, Pray, Rest.

What does it mean to rest in God? I didn’t think I have a problem with the idea of taking a rest until recently I realized what a shallow view I had.

The Bible Project Podcast has been my favorite podcast since the first day I start listening. “The Seventh Day Rest” series was especially enlightening. My view of a rest day has always been simple; I take a day off to honor God and to quiet my mind, to prevent myself from burnout, and to reflect and appreciate life. But boy, what a shallow understanding of the rest day! After listening to the podcast series, I am ashamed of how self-centered I’ve been in approaching the sabbath. I enjoy going to church every Sunday and worshiping God with the congregation, but it was for me to rest, for me to catch a breath, for me to rejuvenate.

It’s hard for me to take a break for an entire day because I love what I do as an artist and a designer. I have too many ideas waiting for me to try. I can’t stop making, creating, drawing, painting, etc. I don’t have that Mary spirit in me. Frankly, I don’t remember a day waking up and not have something I want to learn or make. To me, resting is a shopping day for people who don’t like their job.

The podcast wasn’t about what we should do on Sunday or Saturday. The idea of sabbath is not about giving one day to God while holding on the other six days tightly. It’s not even about us having a Mary spirit.

One thing that hit me like a ton of brick is that resting in God means that I am His. The whole idea of creation is that He invites me to enjoy the earth with Him. I can come to Him just as I am, whether I make something awesome or lam doesn’t matter a dime to Him. Of course, He delights in me when I utilize the creativity He deposits in me, but if I fail miserably, He still loves me, no more, no less.

We are created to enjoy God’s creation. If we are still in the Garden of Eden, we will be gardening and cultivating the plants out of enjoyment; not because we need to put bread on the table or secure our future. Resting in God is knowing that we don’t have to slave the ground and toil for our career. Resting is trusting.

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