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He is Compassionate

Joel 2:13

God does not want us only to put on an outward appearance of repentance or other “acceptable emotions”; He is compassionate and wants us to be genuine and honest.

The most repeated quote in the Old Testament is Exodus 34:6-7. Verse 6 reads- “And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”

Have you ever been in a situation of telling a friend of an experience you have, and because you know how your friend is going to react to particular topics so you would phrase things according to how you want the conversation to go? (Or maybe I am the only one that’s crafty)

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Trust in Him

Proverbs 21-31

This verse reminds me that besides being a provider, a protector, a savior, etc., God is also a partner.

Maybe more like a super-partner. One of the questions people, including myself, sometimes struggle with is that if God can do whatever he wants, why should I bother to plan anything?

I guess this is just one of those mysteries that I’ll never fully understand on this side of eternity.

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This is How We Fight

Psalm 91:1-2

I think it is safe to say that we all like music; it’s just built into us. Melody and sometimes with the combination of lyric can help us express our emotions in unique ways.

But notice this verse didn’t say, “It is good to praise the Lord WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY.” It is easy for me to get into the praise and worship mode when I feel good. It’s natural for us to give thanks when we received blessings.

What about when you feel defeated, crushed, utterly hopeless, and all you want to do is go to bed and never wake up.

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The Lord is Good

Nahum 1:7

The LORD is good.
How many times did I get into trouble, and try to fix things myself only leads to more problems?

Or even when the troubles in life are caused by others, we can try to get even with others but how well has that ever turned out 😓.

We can find refuge in God because he is loving, and he is just. He comforts us and works for the good of those who love him.

Who do You Call?

Jonah 2:2

A verse I couldn’t relate to more at this moment. At the time of distress, who and what do you turn to for help?

A friend, a loved one, a drink, a dessert, a show, or…? People and things might help, and it’s good to have someone to talk to, but there are times your heart faints, and you can’t even find words to express what you are going through.

Cry out to Jesus.

He has made everything beautiful in its time

Ecclestiastes 3:11

God’s timing is seldom the same as our timing, and dare I say it’s usually agonizingly more prolonged than I wanted and surpass my patient level.

I often want things done my way yesterday, but I also know that I am a finite human who cannot see things pass 15 feet right this very moment on the space-time continuum. Therefore, knowing that a loving and omniscient God is sovereign over everything gives me comfort, because, in due time, He makes everything beautiful.

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