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How to Develop Consistency in Calligraphy

Consistency is the most important thing in practicing calligraphy

The more I am on this journey the more I believe in the importance of the basic principles in calligraphy, and they can be sum up into this one thing— consistency

Mainly, consistency in the four S’:

  • The stroke width. Are your upstrokes all equal or similar in their thin-ness? Are the downstrokes all equal or similar in thickness? 
  • The size. Are the letters consistent in size? I know this one is debatable when it comes to modern calligraphy, but that’s for another email!
  • The slant. Are your letters all have the same slant?
  • The spacing. Are the letters spaced evenly, visually speaking? Are the spaces between words consistent?
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Choosing Your First Calligraphy Pens

If you are brand new to the wonderful world of hand-lettering and calligraphy, this video is going to help you find the right calligraphy pens to get your start!

Calligraphy is a very broad term that covers a whole range of styles and “hands” (an old-fashion way of describing a style). Generally speaking, there are two types of calligraphy pens: the pointed nib and the broad-edge nib. And within those two categories, you’ll be presented with a variety of options with different sizes and flexibility.

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10 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Calligraphy

We all wish we can improve our calligraphy faster, here I am going to share with you 10 efficient ways to get the most out of your practice time!

We all start learning calligraphy by learning the basic strokes and the alphabet. Often time after that, many people are at a loss as to how to keep on improving their calligraphy. We have all been there, you start looking up on social media to find an interesting phrase to write. Or perhaps you try to come up with a clever quote yourself. But I don’t know about you, sometimes I just want to practice for the sake of practice. Since I am a very technical person, I try to discover patterns to systemize whatever that is I am learning. So I’ve put together a list of things to write when I am practicing calligraphy.

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How to practice calligraphy daily

I used to think that in order to be really good at calligraphy I have to spend a lot of time to practice calligraphy.

While true, that mindset is hindering me in taking the initial steps to learn new things. Before I even make the first steps I’d be giving up thinking I won’t have the time to master it, so why even bother to practice calligraphy?

Until one day I saw a woman knitting in the subway. First I thought it’s so cool that she was just minding her own business knitting in the busy rush-hour train ride, and then I noticed she got off the train only in a couple of stops. So in total, she probably knitted for 10 minutes. 

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Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Books for Beginner

In this post, I am listing 6 books for anyone who is starting their lettering or calligraphy journey.

People often ask me on the topic of lettering and calligraphy. And I can really nerd out about the techniques, the tools, and resources. One of the ways that helped me improve on my calligraphy and lettering style is learning from books. There are so many books out there it can be overwhelming. Because I am not so much of an avid reader, therefore I tend to choose books with just enough educational text and more diagrams and imagery examples rather than a wordy explanation. So here I am sharing with you the books I found very helpful in learning and improving my chops.

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