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What does it mean to “rest”?

Breath, Pray, Rest.

What does it mean to rest in God? I didn’t think I have a problem with the idea of taking a rest until recently I realized what a shallow view I had.

The Bible Project Podcast has been my favorite podcast since the first day I start listening. “The Seventh Day Rest” series was especially enlightening. My view of a rest day has always been simple; I take a day off to honor God and to quiet my mind, to prevent myself from burnout, and to reflect and appreciate life. But boy, what a shallow understanding of the rest day! After listening to the podcast series, I am ashamed of how self-centered I’ve been in approaching the sabbath. I enjoy going to church every Sunday and worshiping God with the congregation, but it was for me to rest, for me to catch a breath, for me to rejuvenate.

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