To say that nowadays we all experience information overload on a daily basis is an understatement. As multitasking became a compulsory life skill, do you often feel the state of your mind is like a 16-lane highway during the morning rush hour?
You are not alone.
That’s why I am inviting you to join the Pencil Calligraphy Mini Course! It’s a 5-day email workshop for pencil calligraphy. Calligraphy is so much more than just a pretty writing skill for the artistically gifted people. The simple and tactile act of writing with pen and paper has a nerve-calming effect which helps develop mindfulness.
The Quiet Life Lettering Club is a series of 5 foundational calligraphy lessons delivered conveniently to your inbox daily. 
You do not need to have any special pens or paper, all you need is a pencil, preferably with a soft lead such as HB, 2B, or 4B. A mechanical pencil is also ideal! I will be sending you worksheets as we progress.
The Pencil Calligraphy Workshop is:
• A 5 part pencil calligraphy course delivered to your inbox daily
• A way to practice mindfulness
• A fun way to refine your hand-eye coordination
• Discovering the wonder of letterform
• Developing appreciation towards the art of handwriting
The Pencil Calligraphy Workshop is NOT:
• Another mindless hobby
• An excuse to buy more stationery, although it could be tempting
• One more skill you need to keep up with
• One more artistry to compare with others
• Another commitment you are going to regret
You will need:
• A pencil or mechanical pencil with soft lead such as HB, 2B, or 4B
• Access to a printer so you can print out the worksheets
A little backstory…
A couple of years ago, I started leading a calligraphy small group at my church. At first, I was just happy to share resources and I really enjoyed preparing the course materials and evangelizing my passion to others. One time I was chatting with my group and I jokingly asked, “Is practicing these alphabets boring? Should we do something exciting next time?” To my own surprise, they enjoy the quiet time of crafting each letterform. One girl even said, “This is the calmest time in my week!”
Instantly, I remember why I started learning calligraphy– to calm my crazy nerve. You see, back in 2013, I had a full-time job in a small software development company. As the only designer in the company, I was constantly being pulled to different directions putting out (virtual) fires. My multitasking skill improved drastically and my boss was really happy with my productivity. He rewarded me with 4 brand-spanking-new HD monitors to pair with the new Mac Pro, aka The Urn.
At first, the monitors made me feel like I was in the movie Minority Report . But within a short time, I felt like I was developing compound eyes.
What’s worse? My mind was so distracted all the time. I became more impatient than I already was. I was restless even at home and during the weekends.
As I did more work digitally I began to crave for something simple and tactile. That’s when I signed up for a calligraphy class at TypeCooper. For the next 10 weeks writing calligraphy became the calmest time of my week! There is something therapeutic about the art of handwriting. It makes me think of apostle Paul’s word  in 1 Thessalonians 4:11- “make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands”. (Sorry, Paul, I know nothing about making a tent.)
I suspect that you might also have this experience– the restless-but-always-tired feeling. You may not have 4 monitors with 1920x1080x4 pixels beaming at you throughout the day. But juggling between an attention sucking inbox and the never-go-away notification red dots is not relaxing for sure. That is why I started The Quiet Life Lettering Club; to teach people like you how to write calligraphy for the purpose of regaining your calm n’ chill self .
You might be thinking, “but Vivian, I am not artistic like you.” The answer to that is, “it doesn’t matter, the purpose is not to open a gallery show, the intention is to get your sanity back! (And who knows? you might have an exhibition one day!) 
So, No , I am not here to teach you calligraphy, but yes , I am here to teach you calligraphy.
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