This is How We Fight

Psalm 91:1-2

I think it is safe to say that we all like music; it’s just built into us. Melody and sometimes with the combination of lyric can help us express our emotions in unique ways.

But notice this verse didn’t say, “It is good to praise the Lord WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY.” It is easy for me to get into the praise and worship mode when I feel good. It’s natural for us to give thanks when we received blessings.

What about when you feel defeated, crushed, utterly hopeless, and all you want to do is go to bed and never wake up.

It sounds crazy, and it’s incredibly challenging, but when you feel like you are in a deep dark ditch, THAT is when you need to sing praise to the Lord. Am I thanking God for allowing me to be in such a horrible place? Heck, no, I hated where I am.

But wallow in silent and let my thoughts racing in my mind like some anarchy biker gang is precisely where the enemy wants to trap me in. The only way out is to praise God. I might not feel like there is anything to give thanks. But just let the music and lyric ministry to yourself.

We sing praises not because we serve a narcissistic God; He doesn’t need us to sweet-talk him into helping us. We sing praises because we need to encourage ourselves and remind ourselves of who He is. THIS is how we fight the battle.

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