Trust in Him

Proverbs 21-31

This verse reminds me that besides being a provider, a protector, a savior, etc., God is also a partner.

Maybe more like a super-partner. One of the questions people, including myself, sometimes struggle with is that if God can do whatever he wants, why should I bother to plan anything?

I guess this is just one of those mysteries that I’ll never fully understand on this side of eternity.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9. This verse used to bug me because it sounds like it’s telling me- “why should I bother planning?” Only in recent years, I started to look at this verse from a different angle. I can plan everything to the millisecond, but the reality is that my jurisdiction is pathetically minutiae- look at 2020!

But thank goodness that I have a senior partner who is sovereign; therefore, there is no need to be anxious. God will straighten out the things that are beyond my vision and plan.

The significant part of this relationship is that God willingly and gladly stoops down to our level and let us take part in his grand plan.

An illustration that helped me to understand this partnership relationship is that of a farmer. The farmer needs to cultivate the land by watering it, tilling it, fertilizing it, but can we say that the farmer is the one that gives the seeds the ability to grow? Not quite! It sure did help, but God is in control of the sun, the wind, the rain, the pest, and even how much the seeds would germinate.

So, instead of being frustrated with life’s unpredictability, I take comfort in verses like these. He’s got me, and He’s got you, too!

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