I used to think that in order to be really good at calligraphy I have to spend a lot of time to practice calligraphy. 
While true, that mindset is hindering me in taking the initial steps to learn new things. Before I even make the first steps I’d be giving up thinking I won’t have the time to master it, so why even bother to practice calligraphy?
Until one day I saw a woman knitting in the subway. First I thought it’s so cool that she was just minding her own business knitting in the busy rush-hour train ride, and then I noticed she got off the train only in a couple of stops. So in total, she probably knitted for 10 minutes. 
Most people might think: how much can you knit in 10 minutes? But hey, that’s the same 10 minutes I spent doing nothing! 
So I started applying that concept in practicing calligraphy in the gaps of my time. If I am writing something on a paper, such as a grocery list, a post-it memo at work, or journaling, I turn it into an opportunity to practice calligraphy. This way, I do a little bit of practice here and there daily.
So I encourage you to find small opportunities throughout your days to show-off your calligraphy. Here are some places you can sprinkle a little pretty-writing fairy dust:
• Grocery list
• Write a short note and leave it in your kids’ lunch bag
• A missed-call post-it note for a colleague
• To-do list
• The title of a meeting note
Another way to practice calligraphy daily takes a little more intention. But it has multiple folds of benefit. 
I know nowadays people do most things digitally, many times I found myself to be the only person in a meeting who jot down notes on a paper notebook. I get it, keeping meeting notes digitally is probably better for work-related issues. But I have a suspicion that you have a paper notebook or a journal somewhere. And you should turn it into a place for you to practice your pencil calligraphy. Whenever I don’t know what to write when practicing calligraphy I would write out Bible scriptures. It helps me to remember the verse and work on my calligraphy at the same time, how cool is that!
So I encourage you to pick one of two suggestions in this post and apply that in your daily routine. I am sure you will see progress very soon.

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